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Singapore Auto Industries which is located in Ringwood Carcity, South Eastern Suburb of Melbourne, is one of Melbourne’s leading automobile dealers. Singapore Auto Industries is part of large network with over 30 years of experience in International trading. We market high quality used American, European, and Japanese automobiles at the most competitive prices. We specializing in the sale of prestige, sports and 4×4 off-road vehicles, and also have a broad range of other vehicles, including fleet vehicles which come under new car warranty. All vehicles sold by us are 100% accident free, have no finance or stolen history, and have been vigorously inspected and tested by our specialist mechanical team for mechanical and structural defects. In addition, as an RACV Green Light approved dealer,a majority of the vehicles sold by us have successfully completed RACV inspection.

We also provide a range of support services. These services include free valuation reports, free and comprehensive RACV road side assistance (for all RACV tested vehicles), in-house price competitive and hassle free financing and insurance services, and nation-wide delivery of vehicles. We accept all local and international debit and credits, and WeChat Pay and AliPay international payment platforms.

Singapore Auto Industries is a limited liability company. Mr. Peter Desanayake the Managing Director of the company has extensive corporate experience in the Logistics, Textile, IT and Automibile sectors, in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Having over 3 decades of experience in a variety of industries, automotive, logistics, ecommerce and IT, to name some, Micro Tech Holdings, an Australian based company is expanding into the Gem Industry through Gems Company Name. Our experience in gem trading coupled with our understanding on the importance of intricate details, uniqueness and originality, we believe we can cater to customers on an international platform.

Gems Company Name, the precious stone trading arm of MicroTech Industries is based in Dubai catering to your exclusive market needs and bringing you closer to the exquisite selection of gems, sourced from the African region.

Their exclusivity together with their precious nature require the supervision of qualified and trained professionals. With the unprecedented growth rates of the industry, Gems Company Name use the latest technology for the procurement and preparation of the stones to ensure we are one step ahead of the competition and are fully equipped to provide you with the perfect stone.

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