1. Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy
  • Once the purchase is made and the items physically collected by the buyer or nominated representative, the order/s cannot be cancelled or goods returned.
  • Any issue related to any product or service should be brought to the notice of MICRO TECH HOLDINGS PTY LTD as the time the items are purchased or collected from the listed location.
  • MICRO TECH HOLDINGS PTY LTD management reserves the exclusive right to decide on refunding or replacing items purchased.
2. Unavailability of Product / Product Out of Stock

Inventory of all products advertised on MICRO TECH HOLDINGS PTY LTD may not be available (run out of stock) from time to time due to high unanticipated demand. In such circumstances, MICRO TECH HOLDINGS PTY LTD does not accept any liability whatsoever.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that the only remedy available for unavailability of product is the refund of the money paid. Placement of an order including the payment of the order value by the Customer will be construed as an offer. When a customer places an order to purchase a product from us, an e-mail confirming receipt of the order and the details of order (the “Order Confirmation E-mail”) will be sent. The Order Confirmation E-mail is acknowledgement that we have received the order from the customer and that it has been passed for processing. It does not confirm acceptance of the customer’s offer to buy the product(s) ordered. We only accept the customer’s offer, once the customer or the customer’s nominated representative physically inspects the goods, and instructs us to proceed with the processing of the order.

3. Refunds

Note, MICRO TECH HOLDINGS PTY LTD Return Policy only provides refunds if the item/s purchased are not accepted by you at the time of collection from the listed location due to damage, or quality issues. Note, refunds will not be provided once you, or an individual nominated by you, has taken delivery of the item/s purchased.

When an item is returned by you, the amount refunded and the method in which it is refunded to you will differ based on the circumstances of the purchase. Refunds will not be provided after the item/s purchased have been personally collected from the listed location by you or your nominated representative. In the event a refund is provided, it would take approximately two to three weeks for us to process and issue a refund.

4. Where’s My Refund?

The method in which a refund is made to you can be checked in the Yours Orderssection of this website.

The average time period taken by the company to process and issue a refund is shown in the below table.

5. How Refunds Are Issued
Payment Method Refund Method Refund Time (Once Refund Is Processed)
Credit Card Credit Card 10-15 business days
Debit Card Debit Card 10-15 business days

Once you purchase item/s, returns will not be issued unless the items purchased have not been accepted by you at the time of collection due to damage, or quality issues. Refunds for all items returned without acceptance will be within a period of ten to fifteen business days.